Our machinery represents Elintel’s ambitious nature.

We have always invested in innovation to provide high-quality, safe, and reliable products to our clients. This is why we use state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to reach the required standards and satisfy any production need in the electrical wiring department.

Our equipment: quality tools

  • Assembly lines dedicated to specific processes
  • Dedicated pre-assembly zones
  • Automated machinery capable of cutting and stripping cables gauging from 0.08 to 90 sq mm
  • Manual and automatic heat marker for cable labelling
  • Automatic ink jet market for cable labelling
  • Automatic cutting machines for flat wirings and cable sheaths
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrohydraulic press with electric motor for crimping terminals and cable lugs
  • Specific automated machines for crimping conductor end sleeves with insulating shrouds
Elintel sas - l'azienda
Elintel cablaggi batterie
  • Bench-top machines for automatic cable stripping
  • Bench top seamers
  • Dynamometers checking terminal insulation with automatic print of the test results
  • Bench-top tin solders with digital temperature regulation and automatic tin release
  • Tin plating crucibles with digital temperature regulation
  • Continuous labelling via thermal transfer machines
  • Automated trolley thermal labelling systems for wiring
  • Test systems for wirings, cables, and electrical panels
  • In-house delivery vehicles